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Future short project

I’ve been so busy working on pages for Pinocchio Vampire Slayer 3, I haven’t had a lot of time to work on this blog… and honestly, at best I’ll be working on Pinocchio through February. Still, I’d like to keep posting stuff without posting page-by-page spoilers of the new books. I have a certain image I thought would be perfect this week, but I couldn’t find it tonight, thankfully I found something most of you will likely like even better. Below are the […] Continue reading →

I was really happy with the way this panel turned out and I couldn’t wait until July 2012 to show everyone. So here you go, a sneak peak at what awaits you in Pinocchio Vampire Slayer, of Wood and Blood. […] Continue reading →

Here’s the nearly completed print for Knights of the Living Dead. I’m still trying to decide whether or not I feel it’s done. […] Continue reading →

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I write poor headlines

The folks at SLG are having a zombie art show at their Art Boutiki & Gallery in September and seeing as how I have an upcoming book on zombies, I felt obligated to come up with something to show. Here’s the piece in it’s current unfinished state. It looks kind of busy right now (to me anyway), but the plan is once it’s colored the various planes will separate well enough that you won’t notice. I usually don’t show people art at this stage because I know […] Continue reading →

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Here’s a concept sketch for a character in one of the future projects I’ve got going on. I’ve been wrestling around with the character design for her for a while, and I’m still not sure I’m happy with it, but it’s getting there. On another note, I’ll be at the River City Comic and Card Show this Saturday. I’ll be there with copies of Pinocchio Vampire Slayer 1 and 2, and I’ll probably have some prints and original art available and will […] Continue reading →

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Quittin’ time

My dog, Starbuck, is picking up my slack this evening. […] Continue reading →

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I’m only a handful of pages away from being finished with the third and final story in the Knights book, which has turned out to be my favorite. And as a pre-celebration to finishing it, I’m putting up one of the finished pages. […] Continue reading →

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Catching up after the con

I think I finally managed to catch up on most of the e-mails I missed while I was off the grid the last two weeks. Had a great time at HeroesCon and got to hang out with Van and the guys over at Top Shelf. Of course, Van brought his awesome custom Pinocchio statue as well as preview copies of the new Snow White book he’s working on with the talented Robin Holstein. I also got a chance to catch up with Andy Runton who was doing some pretty awesome things with Owly and watercolors. I […] Continue reading →

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I’m excited to be a guest at HeroesCon this weekend along with a ton of other talented people. Van and I will be at artists alley booth 428. We’ll have both Pinocchio books, original art, prints featuring the puppet ensemble, and sketches of course. Feel free to come by and say hello, pester us about why we haven’t finished book 3 yet, or ask me about my inbetween project, Knights of the Living Dead, which I’ll be finishing later this month and should come out late […] Continue reading →

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Blog update

Hey all, I’ve updated my blog, again. This blog has a lot of features my previous ones didn’t, which I plan to implement as I have time in June. We’ll see how things work out with this one, maybe I can keep up an actual regular schedule with it, starting tonight… when I’ll talk about HeroesCon. […] Continue reading →