Thanks for taking the time to visit my portfolio. Here you will find samples of my recent work.
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Trying to work on getting a handful of cool-down sketches out a week. I wasn’t satisfied with how the guy’s legs were turning out so I just cropped the good part. […] Continue reading →

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Knights of the Living Dead

The printing on Knights has been delayed, which turned out to be a good thing since it gave me a chance to redo the back cover.   […] Continue reading →

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So I should note Van and I will be at TeenBookCon in Houston, Texas next Saturday, April 14. I only get around to being in Texas every couple of years so if you’re wanting to talk comics or just get a book signed by Van or I you should come check it out. Did I mention admission was free? Talk about a plus. Oh yeah, and there will be other writers and artists there, in case coming to meet Van and I weren’t enough. Pinocchio volume 3, is nearly finished on my end. Soon I’ll […] Continue reading →

  I’m feeling nostalgic. As I watch each page materialize under my pen I can’t help but look at where I started and how far I’ve come. The image above is from the latest and third book in the Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer series which I started, with the help of Van Jensen, back in 2008. Back then I had never worked on a graphic novel. Sure I’d worked on long-running newspaper comic strips, some with long story arcs that probably could have filled the space of a […] Continue reading →

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House by a creek

So as I’ve been experimenting with new techniques, I came across a speed painting video that used an interesting technique for environment studies. Here was my first attempt at mimicking the technique. While I see room for refinement, I was pretty happy with it, considering I only spent 30 min. to an hour on it. I enjoyed working on it though, so you’ll probably see me post more stuff like this as I get time. Right now things are moving pretty steady on Pinocchio. Because I was […] Continue reading →

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I was playing around with a different style yesterday for my illustration work and this is a great excuse to post art more often. I used a classic picture of Audrey Hepburn for the model. I wanted something that had an older feel to it. This is the result. […] Continue reading →

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Holiday craziness

I’m way behind on updating this blog. The holidays along with some sort of super bug virus have trashed my productivity the last month. Thankfully, the holidays are over and I’m feeling better, so let’s start with some news on the Knights of the Living Dead book and some new art. This weekend I finished the last of the covers for the digital issues of the story. Here’s a few examples.   In the meantime you can download the first issue free from SLG’s […] Continue reading →

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Pinocchio Vampire Slayer 3 and upcoming appearances

I haven’t updated in a while, so tonight I decided to go ahead and put together this. I also finally updated the Pinocchio Vampire Slayer website, which I’ve been meaning to do since July when we announced the title of the 3rd Pinocchio Vampire Slayer book, “Of Wood and Blood.” Also, for anyone interested, I’ll be speaking about Pinocchio Vampire Slayer and working as an independent creator at the Fayetteville Public Library this Saturday, Oct. 29 at 2:30. More […] Continue reading →

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I’ve been working so hard lately I haven’t had time to take much of a break to do anything fun. It’s usually get up early with the baby, go to work, get home and do housework, then more work, then sleep. I’d been looking forward to the new Conan movie for a while and finally decided today I’d take a break from my insanely busy schedule to go see it, because hey, I wanted to treat myself… only it wasn’t in theaters anymore. Geez, the movie’s […] Continue reading →


Woo Pigs!

Okay, so football season is upon us once again and I’ll be frantically trying to finish timely Arkansas Razorback cartoons for the next couple of months. In the meantime I thought I’d break out an old redesign I made for Marvel’s “Razorback” superhero. He was this Texarkana trucker named Buford Hollis who had this crazy idea he’d dress up in a razorback costume and run around fighting crime or something. He never had his own series, and I think he only […] Continue reading →