Thanks for taking the time to visit my portfolio. Here you will find samples of my recent work.

Kid’s book

So when I tuck my 2-year-old daughter in at night, she’ll occasionally opt to tell me a story she’s made up. Here’s the first three pages from a recent storytelling session. I really only acted as editor and artist. This story is totally hers, and all the “friends” are based on her stuffed animals, which she also named. Two-bear and Five-bear don’t actually have numbers on their chest, but I wish they did, because I honestly can never remember who’s […] Continue reading →

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What was that?

I’m starting a new sketch series, probably not daily, but at least weekly…  At the very least I’ll post something that I’ve been working on. […] Continue reading →

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Easter Bunny

This ended up not making the cut in an illustration I worked on (the Easter Bunny thing was nixed entirely), but it was too fun not to share. […] Continue reading →

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Face-O-Rama 7

Still working on my project of drawing 1,000 unique faces. Here’s some more […] Continue reading →

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Had a great time at FableTown and Beyond this past weekend, so good that even though I was super tired last night, I couldn’t help but work on this revamp of an old character design for an upcoming book that I’m working on. I’m working in total inspiration mode right now thanks to everybody who came by and told Van and I how much they loved the book. If you want to get a creative person charged to do new amazing things, tell them you enjoy their work. There were great […] Continue reading →

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Dream Thief

  Here’s a pinup I did for Jai Nitz’s Dream Thief, which should be on bookshelves soon. Preferably your bookshelf. Because you bought a copy. […] Continue reading →

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Old project

Before I started working on Pinocchio Vampire Slayer I tried to start a Drink and Draw in Little Rock, Ark. It worked okay for a few months, but it was always kind of a pain to find a time everyone could meet so it faded away. I’d been thinking about it lately and dragged out the old sketchbooks. My favorite thing about the Drink and Draw sessions was this round robin comic that we all did where each person got a third of the page to tell an “ongoing story.” Here’s […] Continue reading →

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New project

Here’s a page from the latest project I’m working on with Van Jensen. It’s way more of a kid’s story and also in color. I don’t want to say too much about the core of the project yet, most of it’s still top secret, but Van and I are pretty excited about it. Hopefully I’ll be able to open up about the project and character designs in the coming months. For now know that I am hard at work preparing to put out new books. And as a bonus. I thought […] Continue reading →

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Van Jensen and I will be at ComiCon-way today and tomorrow at the Faulkner County Library in Conway, AR. There will be a bunch of other artists and writers there and admission is free, so why NOT go? And while I’m actually posting, here’s some concept art from some of my upcoming projects. Just some teasers right now. I’ll post more info on those in the coming months.     […] Continue reading →

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Pinocchio Vampire Slayer digital issues

  I finally got around to finishing the digital issue covers and thought “I wonder what they look like together?” Well, here you go. It’ll probably be a couple of weeks before the last couple of issues actually make it out, but I wanted to show off the cover art. […] Continue reading →