Thanks for taking the time to visit my portfolio. Here you will find samples of my recent work.

Just one more page to go and we’re done!   […] Continue reading →

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Kid’s book part 6

So I realized after the last post that when I post these automatically and don’t write anything, it uses my blog’s standard comment text. So here’s something. […] Continue reading →

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Kid’s book part 5

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Should have the last few pages finished and up this week. […] Continue reading →

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Pinocchio, Vampire Gorilla Slayer

Here’s a teaser for an upcoming project. […] Continue reading →

  It’s the “tickle spiders” that make this for me. That and the looks on the bears faces as they unleash the box of tickle spiders upon the Queen. I’m with her though, I’m pretty sure tickle spiders would bother me just as much as regular spiders. […] Continue reading →

  Part  2 of the series from acclaimed two-year old… […] Continue reading →

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The blacksmith

Character design for a story I’m working on. […] Continue reading →

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I can’t even remember what I was researching, but I came across a photo of this guy playing this unusual looking instrument and thought that would make a great character for a future book I’m working on. Here’s the sketch I did to make sure I actually remember to use him.   […] Continue reading →

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I did a some color work for Dark Horse’s short revival of the Turok series. Jim Shooter did a really good job with the script, so I was sad to hear when it got cancelled. Here’s my take on the character. […] Continue reading →