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It’s a witch!


I’m behind in blog posting, and I actually have quite a bit of art to post. This one, I had to share now. You might recognize some of the cast.   Work on Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer and the Vampire Zoo is progressing, and if you want to see a sample, head on over to the website. […] Continue reading →

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Nov sketches 1

It’s been a while since I’ve added something, so here’s some sketches I’ve been kicking around as I get ready for some new projects. Four-legged animals aren’t exactly my specialty and one of these projects requires me to draw a wolf  (preferably angry) so these drawings are my attempt to better grasp the proportions through photo reference, and more importantly, figure out how best to describe that proportion through the folds on their hair. Also, viking […] Continue reading →

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Love the hair


I’ve been going through a lot of old pages of Pinocchio Vampire Slayer lately and, typically, was very critical of myself. Of all my self-criticisms the biggest is my disappointment in my early renditions of Carlotta. When I saw the picture that inspired this drawing, I couldn’t help but think this is how I would’ve liked to have drawn her. So to my past self, this is how you should’ve done it *smacks the back of past self’s head*. I hope he’s learned his […] Continue reading →

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New desk

So I’ve been telling people lately that I’ve been working on a new desk. Drawing all day means I pretty much sit at a desk all the time and I can tell my leg muscles are not in the best shape because of it. I can’t really fix that at work, but I can fix that at home. I built myself a desk that forces me to stand up. Old desk. This is a picture of it actually clean, because I’m about to move everything to…   new desk! (Bonus, it takes up about a third of […] Continue reading →

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It’s been too long since I’ve posted anything, so here’s a quick update of something I’m putting in the mail today… way later than I had originally intended. […] Continue reading →

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Kids map

So I’ve been building up the world for the series of Kahlan’s stories I’m working on and really wanted to do a map to give people, and me, a glimpse of all the places ripe for kids-style adventure. The one issue I’ve come across is that while I know a few key places that will for sure be in the stories I also wanted to give myself some flexibility to be able to insert things that I perhaps haven’t thought of yet. So here’s my compromise, a map without […] Continue reading →

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Pirates and treasure

As the world of Kahlan and friends has begun to piece itself together, I realized that the temple’s appearance had to change to keep up with themes in later volumes. […] Continue reading →

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And they grew up

As much as I enjoy working on the childrens books, I can’t help but gravitate toward wondering what these characters would be like if they were in a young adult graphic novel. […] Continue reading →

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Looks like pirates won out for Kahlan’s next book idea. Here’s some concept art! […] Continue reading →

  The final page. So what’s next… either pirates, or a witch! I’ll have to talk to the little muse and get her decide. […] Continue reading →