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Knights of the Living Dead
In Knights of the Living Dead Dusty Higgins and Ron Wolfe take Arthurian legend down a path full of horror and dread as the undead, and worse, lurch into King Arthurs court and legend. The 170-page graphic novel, available from SLG Publishing, features three stories of knights, zombies, dragons, and more. The “walking starvation” have invaded Arthur’s realm, and they’re very hungry. Digital issues are available for most eReaders and at slgcomic.com/knights

Knights of the Living Dead

The mournful king has sentenced Queen Guinievere to burn for her infidelity, but he none-too-secretly expects her lover, Sir Lancelot, to save her. The wizard Merlin tries to warn the king that even worse things are happening: A plague of the undead that Merlin calls “the walking starvation.” The plague has infested Arthur’s kingdom, and Lancelot is among the stricken. Lancelot, and here he comes — the greatest knight, on the greatest stallion, with a horde of the shambling dead behind him — Lancelot at the gate, and no one can stop him — Lancelot … with a lover’s aching hunger for the very finest delicacy: The queen. Preview below.

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Clearing the Land

Only one man is brave enough to farm the “cursed” land that once surrounded Camelot. He can’t allow himself the slightest belief in the superstitions and legends that came out of the plague. Legend has it: Queen Guinivere and six of the queen’s maids took up the swords of fallen knights to cut down the walking starvation, each in her own way, calling themselves the Court of 7. Thoughts of their exploits play through his mind. He won’t believe a bit of it. Even as his plow breaks ground, turning up human remains — hands that crawl, skulls that gnash — he tells himself the land was saved thanks to men like him, common men who saw a job to do. And as the dead rise from his furrows, he cuts them down the same as he would a scrub tree in the way. The farmer clears the land.

In the Deep, Deep Shallows

Aneirin the bard has a secret source of inspiration — a strange and compelling young woman who claims to be the fabled Lady of the Lake. She tells him stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Her stories return these figures to their place in legend, almost — never quite — as if the plague hadn’t happened. She tells him tales that no one ever heard before. She is beautiful, but she is not human. The lady’s voice fills the bard’s head with music, and he sings to increasingly more attention and acclaim. In time, even the king turns to Aneirin’s songs for wisdom. But the lake is cold and full of mysteries — history, destiny, and the bones of men who drowned in tears. The rewards that Aneirin gains from the music of the lake come at a terrible price. Preview below.

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