Catching up after the con

Me and Van at HeroesCon.

I think I finally managed to catch up on most of the e-mails I missed while I was off the grid the last two weeks. Had a great time at HeroesCon and got to hang out with Van and the guys over at Top Shelf. Of course, Van brought his awesome custom Pinocchio statue as well as preview copies of the new Snow White book he’s working on with the talented Robin Holstein.

I also got a chance to catch up with Andy Runton who was doing some pretty awesome things with Owly and watercolors. I was almost tempted to try some watercolor, but the part of me that hates messy art won out. Rob Venditti was also at the booth, and my wife, who doesn’t generally read comics, sat there and poured over his The Homeland Directive book in about an hour. She loved it… I should note she still hasn’t finished Pinocchio 2 yet.

Thanks to everyone who came by the booth, and picked up the booth or just stopped to chat. It was my first time at HeroesCon, and definitely my favorite con experience so far!