New desk

So I’ve been telling people lately that I’ve been working on a new desk. Drawing all day means I pretty much sit at a desk all the time and I can tell my leg muscles are not in the best shape because of it. I can’t really fix that at work, but I can fix that at home. I built myself a desk that forces me to stand up.

Old desk. This is a picture of it actually clean, because I’m about to move everything to…



new desk! (Bonus, it takes up about a third of the floor space and holds more stuff!)


And I’ve already been drawing with it (I blame working on it for a lack of updates on the blog). It’s pretty much what I expected, right down to my legs being tired because I’m not used to standing this much. Which reminds me I need to get a stool… you know… just in case. I’ll be posting some new art soon.