Had a great time at FableTown and Beyond this past weekend, so good that even though I was super tired last night, I couldn’t help but work on this revamp of an old character design for an upcoming book that I’m working on. I’m working in total inspiration mode right now thanks to everybody who came by and told Van and I how much they loved the book. If you want to get a creative person charged to do new amazing things, tell them you enjoy their work. There were great fans, great panels and an all-around terrific atmosphere. Also, Van and I sold out of our books, which is always a plus.

I’ll be headed to Planet Comicon in Kansas City in a couple of weeks, so if you missed out on getting copies of Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer at Fabletown, then that’s your next best chance.

Oh, and expect more art to show up soon. I’ve been kind of lazy updating this blog and have a lot of work backed up that I actually drew with the intention of posting it here. I’m planning on changing that.