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Valkyrie beer delivery print

valkyrie web

I should really get a better handle on moving the art I’ve been doing. Here’s a project I’ve had in the works for a while that I’m just now getting to. I’ve been fascinated with art nouveau posters lately and have been wanting to do a fun series of prints for shows. Here’s a first look. […] Continue reading →

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Tree illustration


Here’s part of a large illustration I did for a web project last year that ended up not getting used. Lucky for you, the page designer, Kevin Cates has the full page up on his portfolio, and since it looks much better when viewed as designed, it’s super wide, I’m gonna just link to it here so you can get the full experience. […] Continue reading →

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Work in progress- Hog toon

Hog toon WIP

Ever wonder what kind of work goes into the Saturday football hog toons in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Here’s a little animated WIP that I hope will give folks an idea of what the art looks like as it comes together and what I have to think about to get that final polished look. Enjoy!   […] Continue reading →

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0724 flash cards

Illustration work for pet column for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. […] Continue reading →

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Kids map

So I’ve been building up the world for the series of Kahlan’s stories I’m working on and really wanted to do a map to give people, and me, a glimpse of all the places ripe for kids-style adventure. The one issue I’ve come across is that while I know a few key places that will for sure be in the stories I also wanted to give myself some flexibility to be able to insert things that I perhaps haven’t thought of yet. So here’s my compromise, a map without […] Continue reading →

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And they grew up

As much as I enjoy working on the childrens books, I can’t help but gravitate toward wondering what these characters would be like if they were in a young adult graphic novel. […] Continue reading →

  The final page. So what’s next… either pirates, or a witch! I’ll have to talk to the little muse and get her decide. […] Continue reading →

Just one more page to go and we’re done!   […] Continue reading →

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Kid’s book part 6

So I realized after the last post that when I post these automatically and don’t write anything, it uses my blog’s standard comment text. So here’s something. […] Continue reading →

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Kid’s book part 5

[…] Continue reading →