I did a some color work for Dark Horse’s short revival of the Turok series. Jim Shooter did a really good job with the script, so I was sad to hear when it got cancelled. Here’s my take on the character.


What was that?

I’m starting a new sketch series, probably not daily, but at least weekly…  At the very least I’ll post something that I’ve been working on.


Old project

Before I started working on Pinocchio Vampire Slayer I tried to start a Drink and Draw in Little Rock, Ark. It worked okay for a few months, but it was always kind of a pain to find a time everyone could meet so it faded away. I’d been thinking about it lately and dragged out the old sketchbooks. My favorite thing about the Drink and Draw sessions was this round robin comic that we all did where each person got a third of the page to tell an “ongoing story.” Here’s what we ended up with after a few months.

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New project

Here’s a page from the latest project I’m working on with Van Jensen. It’s way more of a kid’s story and also in color. I don’t want to say too much about the core of the project yet, most of it’s still top secret, but Van and I are pretty excited about it. Hopefully I’ll be able to open up about the project and character designs in the coming months. For now know that I am hard at work preparing to put out new books.

And as a bonus. I thought I’d add a file that gives an inside look at how I put one of these things together. Since I work digitally, and entirely in Photoshop it was pretty easy to create an animation based on the layers I build the art in starting with my pencils/sketches, then the inks, flats, final colors and text. There’s a blog out there called Work In Progress that does these sorts of things and I always find them fascinating to watch. If people are interested I’ll try to add more like this.



Trying to work on getting a handful of cool-down sketches out a week. I wasn’t satisfied with how the guy’s legs were turning out so I just cropped the good part.