Nov sketches 1

It’s been a while since I’ve added something, so here’s some sketches I’ve been kicking around as I get ready for some new projects. Four-legged animals aren’t exactly my specialty and one of these projects requires me to draw a wolf  (preferably angry) so these drawings are my attempt to better grasp the proportions through photo reference, and more importantly, figure out how best to describe that proportion through the folds on their hair. Also, viking buildings! Is that a plunger or an old anvil? (It’s an old anvil.)sketches1108




Had a great time at FableTown and Beyond this past weekend, so good that even though I was super tired last night, I couldn’t help but work on this revamp of an old character design for an upcoming book that I’m working on. I’m working in total inspiration mode right now thanks to everybody who came by and told Van and I how much they loved the book. If you want to get a creative person charged to do new amazing things, tell them you enjoy their work. There were great fans, great panels and an all-around terrific atmosphere. Also, Van and I sold out of our books, which is always a plus.

I’ll be headed to Planet Comicon in Kansas City in a couple of weeks, so if you missed out on getting copies of Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer at Fabletown, then that’s your next best chance.

Oh, and expect more art to show up soon. I’ve been kind of lazy updating this blog and have a lot of work backed up that I actually drew with the intention of posting it here. I’m planning on changing that.


Van Jensen and I will be at ComiCon-way today and tomorrow at the Faulkner County Library in Conway, AR. There will be a bunch of other artists and writers there and admission is free, so why NOT go?

And while I’m actually posting, here’s some concept art from some of my upcoming projects. Just some teasers right now. I’ll post more info on those in the coming months.




So I should note Van and I will be at TeenBookCon in Houston, Texas next Saturday, April 14. I only get around to being in Texas every couple of years so if you’re wanting to talk comics or just get a book signed by Van or I you should come check it out. Did I mention admission was free? Talk about a plus. Oh yeah, and there will be other writers and artists there, in case coming to meet Van and I weren’t enough.

Pinocchio volume 3, is nearly finished on my end. Soon I’ll be free to work on other projects, and I already have several lined up. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to soon post some of the awesome concept artwork I’ve been doing for these books. I’ve been following several artists who’ve been posting their warmup sketches, and I’d really like to do more posting like that.


In fact, I’ll post one now, even though technically it’s a cooldown sketch, not a warmup. Here’s the first look at a character from a project that I hope to explore more over the summer. For now I’ll call it Virginia, but that’s not what it’s gonna be called.


Virginia is not the project name, but I needed to call it something.


House by a creek

So as I’ve been experimenting with new techniques, I came across a speed painting video that used an interesting technique for environment studies. Here was my first attempt at mimicking the technique. While I see room for refinement, I was pretty happy with it, considering I only spent 30 min. to an hour on it. I enjoyed working on it though, so you’ll probably see me post more stuff like this as I get time. Right now things are moving pretty steady on Pinocchio. Because I was sick around the holidays and didn’t get a chance to work as much as I needed to meet my personal deadlines, I’ve upped the number of pages I work on daily from 1 to 2. So far it just marginally affects the amount of sleep I get per night, and I’ve made significant ground on catching back up to my old schedule. Still, I’ll probably just keep this going so I can finish off PVS3 earlier rather than later.